Editorial Policy

This description entitled as the “Editorial Policy” solely elaborates the journal’s process of publish peer reviewed original research works in English language and with Abstract, that depicts the work and responsibilities of Editors, Reviewers and Authors. All the manuscripts will be accepted with the trust that, authors have not followed any kind of unethical work in terms of preparing the research paper. In case of any factual errors, plagiarism, use of unproven statements or any other technical mistakes found in the paper submitted or published, thus the author(s) will be entirely responsible to defend directly if challenged. During the review process if the same findings are found, then the complete paper will be rejected. Journal is authorized to make necessary modification and/or formal corrections into the manuscripts accepted for publication.

Role of the Editor

The Editor/Board of Editors manages and administers the complete process of the journal. The supreme decision, finalizing whether a research work is to be published or not. It depends on the entire positive impression/impact of any particular paper/manuscript/research work on the editorial team. They have the supremacy in terms to intervene/conduct and regulate the communication and process flow of the journal from manuscript submission to aid management decision.
Create, implement, develop, amend the process and the clauses in regards of the Author’s Guidelines and related documentation. The Editors are responsible to sustain an on timely publication following the process flow after submitting the manuscript. The editors are responsible to observe the integrity of the journal by not disclosing any information for instances, the identity of the author(s) about the reviewing manuscript accepting the related reviewer(s), editor(s) and the author himself.
Editors can pursue formal investigation in terms of scrutinizing all factual data provided by the author(s) are ethical and appropriate, accurate to support the research work. Editors may ask for the supporting documents from the author(s) for their work as it may encompass diversified ethics, law and regulations.

Role of Authors

Authors are responsible to submit original, unique, manuscripts of their research work prepared following the “Author’s Guidelines” stated by JMMF. The Author(s) must ensure that the submitted manuscript has not been published earlier elsewhere or not been submitted for review/publishing and in future. Once the manuscript is published in JMMF, therefore it will be considered as the JMMF’s copyrighted publication. All the sources for the factual, technical data, concepts, interpretations, used in the manuscript are the reference, quotes from pertinent articles.
Author(s) must have the prior permission to include any charts, researched values, drawings, artworks from the source.
Grammatical and technical mistakes or errors can be a reason for the rejection of the manuscript in the initial stage or review.
Authors will be answerable to any kind of denounce raised in case of unethical practices during or into the research work vis a vis plagiarism, copyright harm.
Authou(s) has/have the right to communicate if they find any inaccurate or publishing mistakes to the Editors for the corrections.

Role of Reviewer

The reviewers standing by with the editors, must sustain the integrity of the journal by not revealing any information at the time of review in regards of the manuscript, any details of the author(s).
A line of communication is to be maintained among the editors and reviewers in terms to assess the paper and its authenticity. Reviewers’ opinions are neutral to give the final opinion.

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