The methods of analysis of factors influence on the efficiency of intensification of oil-gas production

1 Sep 2020 / by KAMALA S. DADASHOVA

Abstract: In connection with the high level of oil production and the decrease in the debits of wells, the intensification of oil production for the fields entering the second and third operating stages is an actual phenomenon. The first stage of development of oil fields is associated with the use of natural energy of the ground. It is known that at the first stage of development, new deposits do not require intensification, and the extraction of carbohygens is carried out at the expense of the layer’s own energy – the energy of the dissolved gas, the water supply, the gas cap and the potential energy of the gravitational force. In the second stage of development of the fields, the second methods of intensification of production are used, which include the pumping of water and gas to maintain the level of sludge. The third stage of development of deposits requires the application of methods of increasing oil production or third methods of intensive production, which are classified according to the types of working agents. The classification of oil production and proceeding enterprises (OPPE), according to working agents is classified as follows. Each of the existing methods of oil refining allows the extraction of oil at a certain level from the ground alone.

Keywords: Economic, efficiency, intensification, quality, planning


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