Guidelines for Authors

Abstract of the Paper should be submitted well in advance of the main paper and the Editorial Board may request amendments / clarifications in line with the theme of the paper and spirit of the conference.
Manuscript Format Checklist

1. Typing Area
● Single column.
● The typing font is Times New Roman 12 point

2. Title and Author(s)
● The title should preferably be less than 100 characters (including spaces) and to be put in capital letters with Times New Roman 14 point.
● Author(s) name (s) should be typed with 12 point.
● Affiliations (affiliation of the author, institution name, address, phone number, fax number and email address) should be typed with 10 point in italic.

3. Abstract and Paper
● Abstract should be in italics and limited to around 500 words, justified and be typed with Times New Roman 11 point.
● The second paragraph must start inside 5 mm from the left block.
● Two lines should be left at the end of abstract then main text is typed in two columns.
● Length of paper is to be limited to within 4000 words
● The Article should be framed as under;
● Headline
● Abstract
● Introduction
● Central heading
● Subheading
● Conclusion
● Proper Acknowledgement
● References/Bibliography
● Author’s introduction

4. Headings
● All headings should be typed with Times New Roman 11 point and numbered.
● Main text should only contain main headings, primary sub-headings, and secondary sub-headings. After three levels, there should be no tertiary sub-headings.
● Main Headings: 1. FULL CAPITAL, 11 POINT, BOLD
● Primary Sub- heading: 1.1 First Letters Capital, 11 Point, Bold
● Secondary Sub-headings: 1.1.1 Only the first letter capital, 11 Point, Bold, Italic

5. Paragraphs
● The paragraphs should be justified and the letters should not be hyphenated.
● There should not be a space or line break between the preceding paragraphs.
● Line spacing must be single with no spacing before and after the line.

6. Table Format
● All tables should be typed with clear columns.
● Each table must be called out in text; it should be placed on a page as close to the first mention as possible.
● Table must have a table number, a title (typed in bold, before 12 pt. after 8 point) and be numbered sequentially. Do not number tables as 1, 1a, 1b, etc. If there are individual tables, please number them 1, 2, 3, etc.
● Tables must have more than one column with each column having a unique heading.
● Avoid using equations in tables. The font size is smaller in tables than in the text, and super and subscripts tend to get lost.
● Notes are acceptable in tables and should be represented by superscript letters. Do not use numbers as they could be confused as math.
● Vertical rules may be used in tables. Horizontal rules are permissible around headings only.
● Avoid redundancy of data in figures, tables, and text.

7. Figure Format
● Figures must have a figure number, a title (typed in bold, before 8 pt, after 12 pt), and be numbered sequentially. Do not number tables as 1, 1a, 1b, etc. If there are individual figures, please number them 1,2,3 etc.
● Each figure must be contained in a box or border must be put around each figure.

8. Plagiarism Detection

● Authors will be answerable to any kind of denounce raised in case of unethical practices during or into the research work vis a vis plagiarism, copyright harm.
● if any unethical, unauthentic use of facts found in the manuscript or use of anything which is not permissible from the original author or publisher/presenter that it would be on spot rejected.

9. References
● To cite sources in the text, use the author-date method; list the last names of the authors, then the year. The formats are as follows; one author – (Das, 2004); two authors … (Das and Sharma, 2004); three or more authors (Das et al. .., 2004)
● Use APA style for citation documentation.
● Prepare a reference section listing all references alphabetically by last name of the first author. For anonymous reports and standards, alphabetize by the issuing institution. Double-space the reference section.
● References must be written in justified format and the second line must start 5 mm inside. No gap or break is left between preceding references. Heading references must not be numbered.

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