An optimized kinetic analysis of tennis service trajectory and technical characteristics simulation

Dec 2017 / by Hansong Niu

With the continuous improvement of computer performance, the rapid development of computer vision makes modern training technology widely used in tennis. In this paper, the author makes an optimized kinetic analysis of tennis service trajectory and technical characteristics simulation. By capturing and analyzing the data of tennis, we can further analyze the technical movements of athletes and find out non-standard movements or wrong actions. Computer aided analysis of tennis movements can improve the efficiency of sports training, improve sports skills, so as to achieve the purpose of auxiliary training.
Keywords: Computer vision, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, tennis movement

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Innovative study on English teaching under online education background

Dec 2017 / by Shuqin Wang

The transformation of the Internet to education has been made from the symmetry of information between education providers and educators to the use of data precipitated by educators in the process of online learning so as to bring data to value-added services for educators and education providers and cluster phenomenon, and eventually developed into a one-stop service for users of online education ecosystem. Using the theory of business ecosystem to explain the clustering of online education in China, the definition and species classification of online educational ecosystem are put forward. The competition of business ecosystem is the main competition way for online education enterprises. The evolution of online education ecosystem is summarized as four stages of development, expansion, maturity and evolution.
Keywords: Online education, background, English teaching, innovation, inquiry

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Analysis of mechanical characteristics of taekwondo roundhouse kick

Dec 2017 / by Hui Chen

In this paper, 4 digital video cameras are used to synchronously shoot 10 male athletes from taekwondo in Shandong province. 3D images are analyzed with German video analytic system. The aim is to reveal the technical characteristics of male kickboxing athletes, ankle and other joints, angular kinematics. The results shows that: (1) The proportion of men athletes during the cross-kick is 35%, 20% and 45% respectively. (2) In the process of cross-kicking, the Z-axis center of gravity of the athlete is larger and its displacement is larger. The change of numerical value is obvious, which can effectively improve the kick effect. (3) In the cross-kicking action, it is not found that the kicker athlete’s internal support of the left supporter reaches 180 pronuclear. (4) Taekwondo athletes left support leg position is not fixed, but according to the needs of the kick target, constantly adjust the support foot sliding position.
Keywords: Taekwondo, athlete, cross kick, technical movement, mechanical characteristics, Analysis

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Three-dimensional reproduction and automatic interpretation of soccer match scenes

Dec 2017 / by Hua Zhong, and Hongyan Qi

Video interpretation in specific areas has become a hot issue in current multimedia research. One of the major application fields is sports commentary and analysis. This article presents a practical system for the 3D reconstruction and video interpretation of football matches. We use the video sequence of the football game to restore the three-dimensional model of the scene, including the player’s position, speed and other parameters, as well as the trajectory of the football. Based on this information and the specific prior knowledge, we can identify the player’s action behavior. And comment on the game process. Finally, we construct an OpenGL virtual environment, users can roam the pitch, and watch the game from any angle.
Keywords: Soccer, match, scene, 3D rendering, automatic explanation

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Study on interactive screenwriting system based on drama feedback model

Dec 2017 / by Zejun Wang

Studying on interactive screenwriting system based on drama feedback model is presented in this paper. Screenplay skills based on the soil of the nation, capture the pulse of the progress of the times, explore the intrinsic nature of things, establish the correct value orientation, expressing a wide range of humanistic care, ideological dig deep, popular enough to find a way out, follow the market principles that establish a complete chain of industrial systems and form a unified, open and orderly strategy that will further promote the healthy progress of film and television writers. The film’s plots and narratives are the most important part of the movie, as it perfectly interprets a work in conjunction with the audiovisual language designed by the director. Therefore, the movie’s narrative approach is an important part that needs to be explored first. Because drama is very pay attention to the inner structure and the plot to promote the performance of the film, as a result, the appreciation of the genre to on the basis of understanding the characters and story content, pay attention to the film’s narrative and the audio-visual language performance, so as to combine specific cognitive feature film. This paper presents the novel idea of dealing with the mentioned issue, and in the future, we will test the applications.
Keywords: Screenwriting system; drama feedback; model; general Study

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Construction of entrepreneurial ability evaluation system based on the Communist Youth League’s second class

Dec 2017 / by Kai Wang, Peng Zhang and Xiangdong Ding

Construction of the entrepreneurial ability evaluation system based on the Communist Youth League’s second class is presented in this manuscript. Learnt from advanced foreign experience, in accordance with the requirements of the UNESCO, the innovation and entrepreneurship education goals into the school education and the teaching objectives to highlight the fullness of entrepreneurial education content, entrepreneurship education curriculum, social entrepreneurship education atmosphere and the effectiveness of the entrepreneurial education practice as the focus. Combining the characteristics and advantages of all disciplines and disciplines, we will create an innovative and pioneering education system that integrates inter-year, inter-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and distinctive features and infiltrates the entire process of cultivating outstanding professionals in various fields. Through entrepreneurship education, general education courses to guide students to focus more on professional courses pay more attention to the latest developments in professional fields and innovation. Thus optimizing their knowledge structure and cultivate their innovative thinking, entrepreneurial awareness and professional competence.
Keywords: Construction; entrepreneurial ability; evaluation system; communist youth; second class

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Role of affection in the situations of ideological and political education from the perspective of data analysis

Dec 2017 / by Huanhuan Zheng

Emotion is an important psychological factor of intention activity and an important psychological environment and a key link in the implementation of ideological and political education. Emotional factors play an important role in the implementation of ideological and political education. The neglect of emotion is an important reason for the poor implementation of ideological and political education in college students. It is necessary to correctly understand the existing problems in emotional and emotional factors in the current ideological and political education. In the process of implementing ideological and political education, we should strengthen emotional and emotional experiences and attach importance to emotional and emotional education so as to give full play to the role of emotion and emotional factors in the ideological and political education.
Keywords: Data analysis, perspective, affection, ideological and political education, situation, function

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Study on the effect of digital era computer on the art of Qin Opera

Dec 2017 / by Lina Wang

In the context of digital media change, this article aims at paying attention to the theoretical thinking of “digital media”, “digital marketing” and Qincha art in the domestic and foreign industry and academia, and to integrate the theory of communication research, with a focus on the current situation and motivation of digital marketing reform. Influence, and propose coping strategies. There are three main types of Chinese traditional opera genres: regional school, group school and famous masters’ school. Based on the analysis of the performance art genre in Qin dynasty, it is found that the famous genre genre played an important role in the development of the Qin dynasty, but it has not got the affirmation. Through the case study of Xiao Ruolan’s genre, the author thinks that we should give full attention to the exploration and propaganda of the genre of famous masters, and take this as an opportunity to promote the development of Qincha art.
Keywords: Digital era, computer, art of qin cavities, influence

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Integration of enterprise logistics system and marketing system under the background of Internet of things

Dec 2017 / by Limin Chen and Zhuohang Li

In this paper, we analyze the integration of enterprise logistics system and marketing system under the background of the Internet of things. The fractal structure of enterprises and the process of fractal interrelated, mutual cooperation as the organizational structure of enterprises determines the way enterprises operate, the implementation of regulation of the operation. The operational structure, while guaranteeing the function of the organizational structure, feeds back information to the organizational structure system and continuously promotes the perfection and optimization of the organizational structure. In the condition of meeting the fractal of the structure and the process of fractal, the functional fractal can be finally determined, and the functional fractal is the real purpose of the organizational arrangement of the enterprise. Channel management refers to the business investors and legal persons to achieve the company’s goals and the existing channels to manage, to ensure that members of the channel, the company and channel members coordinate and carry out all the activities of capacity-building cooperation, it is the main channel and the object is object, through the decision-making, planning, organization, control, coordination and incentive mechanisms to promote the coordinated development of channels and the environment. This paper presents the novel standard for the related discussions.
Keywords: Enterprise logistics system; integration; internet of things; marketing system; modern companies

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Research on PPP model of water environment integrated management based on multivariate game

Dec 2017 / by Cunan Su, Lanhui Su, Bo Wu, and Jing Wang

PPP model of water environment integrated management based on multivariate game is demonstrated in this research. Through co-ordination between the public and private sectors, and gradually establish a long-term cooperation between stakeholders in the trust relationship, as to promote the PPP project stakeholders relations further evolution of the internal driving force, finally realizes the pluralism participation main body “win-win” goal. In addition, the market competition increasingly incentive, the shift of the role of government, infrastructure project development needs, such as the change of some external environment, stimulate the transformation of stakeholder cooperation, so as to adapt to the dynamic changes of the external environment, therefore, the support of the external environment as the external driving force of promoting the PPP project stakeholders relations evolution. In order to vigorously promote the evolution of stakeholder relations in PPP projects, a reasonable equilibrium model of the interests should be established so that the balanced distribution of interests among stakeholders can be optimized to the best possible extent. At the same time, the level of trust among stakeholders should be improved a sound on external environment. Therefore, this paper presents the novel countermeasures for the mentioned challenges, in the future, we will test the applications.
Keywords: PPP model; water environment; integrated management; multivariate game

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