Art design of product packaging based on chinese painting elements

Dec 2017 / by Lihong Xie

Art design of product packaging based on Chinese painting elements is demonstrated in this paper. The main difference between the Chinese painting and western painting is that traditional Chinese paintings emphasize the freehand brushwork while western paintings focus on realistic painting. In traditional Chinese painting, there is a technique of “counting the white as black”, and the atmosphere is often used to make the atmosphere blanket to contrast the artistic conception. White space in Chinese painting is not a mere blank. Under the guidance of these ecological concepts, ancient Chinese people have created many original ecological packaging, including wisdom, which has influenced modern packaging design. With the continuous development of the Chinese history, traditional elements are constantly changing, reflecting only the aesthetic ideas of the Chinese nation. This is a unique aesthetic concept. If the Chinese traditional elements are added to modern packaging design, the packaging design will inevitably make waves. This can also reflect the spread of traditional Chinese elements from the side. We integrate the Chinese painting elements to construct the novel design pattern.
Keywords: Art design; product packaging; Chinese painting elements; theoretical basis

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Study of the transmission and prospect of contemporary piano music based on the traditional cultural elements in china

Dec 2017 / by Leli Yu

Study of the transmission and prospect of contemporary piano music based on the traditional cultural elements in China is delivered in this paper. In the order to present a smooth piano performance, a pianist must analyze the rhythm of the musical composition, grasp the rhythm characteristics of the musical composition, and analyze the rhythm of the music. The pianist has a high degree of mastery of the rhythm of the music and can lay the good foundation during the performance and the success rate of the performance will also be greatly increased. In piano performance, the inspirational performance artist is more infectious than others. In piano teaching, the part of general improvisation is the embodiment of inspiration. This ability is mainly achieved through long-term accumulation that created and played in the formation of this kind of the power will accumulate to a certain extent, it will burst out once the energy brought to performers cannot be ignored, because it allows the performance of musicians in the more vivid expression of music as the story behind the work conveys the true meaning of music and makes people feel the beauty of music. We provide the novel and detailed suggestions for the development of the contemporary piano music.
Keywords: Piano music; traditional cultural elements; China; transmission and prospect

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Virtual human running based on CCD algorithm

Dec 2017 / by Jinhong Zhang, Jiafu Cheng, Xiaotian Chen and Meiyan Xia

Virtual human running based on CCD algorithm is designed in this paper. Applying virtual reality technology to conduct a comprehensive and scientific test of some elite athletes in a certain project and construct an athlete model which is ideal in age, physical, functional and technical aspects of the project. Combining the body morphological index data of this model athlete with his kinematic index data of certain actions are taken as the important basis for the selection of the project. In the computer simulation, the virtual person’s representation mainly includes the skeleton model, the surface model and the body model, wherein the skeleton model has the advantages of simple structure, small calculation amount and high real-time performance. Its disadvantage is that the effect of human body expression is not realistic. The model proposed in this paper will surely promote the related industries.
Keywords: Human running; virtual; CCD algorithm; methodology

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Study on the motivation of metaphor and metonymy of english idioms

Dec 2017 / by Liu Haiyuan, and Zhu Jiaran

Idioms are the essence of every language. They are an important part of language and culture in society. The analysis of motivation of the metaphor and metonymy in idiomatic expressions illustrate how the conceptual metaphor and conceptual metonymy organize and convey underlying the different idioms. This exploration can help the researchers and English learners comprehend the formations and functions of English idioms from the cognitive linguistic perspective.
Keywords: Motivation; conceptual metaphor; conceptual metonymy; idioms

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Multi-ball practice method in tennis teaching based on data feedback teaching

Dec 2017 / by Liping Wang, Qun Yu and Haifeng Xin

Tennis is a popular sport around the world, because of tennis in China, to the student body quality will have a positive impact, but also can make students form healthy psychological, let the students learning attitude, so, in recent years, tennis began to pay more attention to in the university campus. In the teaching of college tennis options, multi-ball practice is an important means to help students master the basic skills of tennis and improve teaching quality. Based on the connotation and characteristics of many balls training method as a breakthrough point, this paper expounds the many balls training method in tennis teaching practice, and the depth resolution of college tennis teaching manages many balls training method of advantages and disadvantages, and then to improve the ball training method, pointed proposed use of many balls training method in tennis teaching in colleges and universities should pay attention to the problem, in order to develop the tennis teaching effect.
Keywords: Data feedback, teaching, tennis teaching, multi-ball practice, method

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Application of new concept of highway design in old road reconstruction under information theory

Dec 2017 / by Yexiu Yang, Yong Yang and Xia Li

Application of new concept of highway design in old road reconstruction under information theory is analyzed in this paper. Long road construction period, large investment, with the growth of the use of time, road pavement prone to various problems and before carrying out the road reconstruction, we should first of all do a good job in reconnaissance work, specify the sections to be reconstructed and the stable original structure, try to selectively transform and reduce the cost inputs. Roads and more in rural areas between the townships in the transformation at the same time sometimes the new road laying i.e. the laying of new roads should not only take into consideration such factors as convenience, speed and stability, but also take into account the impact of the new roads on the cultivated villages in the area. We should not exploit the new highways to cut off the natural resources of large numbers of villages and ensure that the new roads outweigh the disadvantages. To solve the problem of highway reconstruction, there is promoting the local economic development. Under this framework, this paper proposes the novel concept of highway design in old road reconstruction.
Keywords: New concept; old road; reconstruction; information theory; general applications

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Research on the process of urbanization under the overall planning of urban and rural areas

Dec 2017 / by Chen Zhang, Lixin Zhang and Yan Li

With the economic development in our country, the concept of overall development of urban and rural areas has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Especially after the 18th CPC National Congress, the overall development of urban and rural areas has been paid more and more attention. The goal of realizing an overall well-off society is at a crucial period. The trend of urban and rural development is in a good direction. And the process of urbanization is imminent. However, constrained by basic and institutional mechanisms, the overall urban-rural development is still facing a severe situation. To promote urban and rural overall development in the new period requires high planning and scientific advancement. In particular, some issues concerning the overall situation must be studied in depth so as to raise our awareness and clarify our thinking. This paper studies the context of urbanization under the overall urban-rural structure, analyzes the current problems in urbanization and summarizes some new ideas. Therefore, the research on this topic is of great significance, especially for the development of urbanization in our country.
Keywords: Overall planning of urban and rural areas; urban and rural development; integration; ways; context

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Research on competitive situation of competitive aerobics based on regular evolution

Dec 2017 / by Xiaofeng Zhou, Tao Jiang, and Shanshan Ou Yang

As a skill-driven class, it is the decisive factor in the athletes’ excellent achievement. The innovation and arrangement of the set of action is the decisive factor in the excellent achievement of the athletes. In the current increasingly fierce international competition, play the game set the maximum value of action, is the direction of competition for athletes competition. In this paper, we use video analysis, questionnaire survey and other research methods, through the 2006-2014 consecutive five World Aerobics Championships all project final sets of multi-dimensional review, based on the development of the world pattern to prove the competitive situation for the set of action training and World Championship competition strategy planning to provide theoretical reference and practical guidance. The research shows that the basis of improving the core competitiveness of the complete set of action is the selection and successful completion of the high score difficulty action. The stability and accuracy of the complete movement of the athletes are the key to avoid the entry risk and the complete implementation control. In addition, the development of competitive aerobics will need to highlight the development of artistic ornamental, but also need to encourage female athletes to participate in three projects and collective projects, fully grasp and play the core competitiveness of the project advantage, to win the best competitive factors.
Keywords: Competitive aerobics; set of movements; competitive situation; difficulty movements; completion of quality; art arrangement

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Application of electrical engineering in green development and environmental protection from the perspective of new normal

Dec 2017 / by Qingqing Zeng and Junxia Lang

Under the new economic background, the new normal characteristics of China’s power development are also obvious, highlighting the slowdown in the growth of electricity consumption in the whole society, the overall downturn in power consumption in high energy consumption industry, the continuous optimization of power structure, and the more obvious regional differences. In view of these problems, this paper analyzes the economic and stability of the power grid and the constraints of the power grid stability and the transmission capacity of the transmission section, and constructs the economic consideration with the minimum purchase cost and the minimum discharge amount of the pollutant gas as the objective function. And the particle swarm optimization algorithm is used to solve the problem. In this paper, an example is given to calculate and analyze the actual grid, and the validity and feasibility of the model are verified.
Keywords: New normal, new energy grid, electrical engineering, green development, environmental protection

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Research on political identity education content construction based on the ideological and political course

Dec 2017 / by Yaoyao Chen

In more than 30 years of the development of the ideological and political course in colleges and universities, the research achievements in various fields have been emerging constantly. As an important aspect, the research on political identity of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities has been paid great attention by the theoretical circle. The degree of identity of college students to ideological and political education in colleges and universities has a direct impact on the smooth implementation of ideological and political education work in colleges and universities and the stable and healthy social development. Therefore, carrying out identity research and implementing identity education is the realistic need for ideological and political education in colleges and universities to cope with the impact of complex international environment and pluralistic values. It is also the inevitable choice of ideological and political education in colleges and universities to achieve the ultimate goal of education, and realize its core concept. Under the background of new era, a systematic illustration of the essence of the ideological and political education identity and the existing problems to explore the identity path plays a particularly important role in improving the rationality and effectiveness of the ideological and political education. In this paper, with the ideological and political course as the object of study, a study is made on identity education content construction.
Keywords: Ideology and politics, new era, content construction, questionnaires

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