Research on differentiation of basketball teaching methods of physical education in regional colleges and universities

Dec 2017 / by Wei He

Basketball teaching is the basis of basketball teaching, and the reasonable choice and use of basketball technology teaching method is a powerful guarantee of basketball teaching quality. From the perspective of system theory and through comprehensive literature method, questionnaire method, mathematical statistical methods and other research methods, this paper compares the structure of the method system of basketball technical teaching of physical education in regional universities and colleges in five provinces and municipalities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong. In this paper, the author analyzes the differences, advantages and disadvantages of basketball technical teaching system in regional colleges and universities, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions based on the differences, hoping that such discussion can have a certain reference value to our college basketball technical education reform.
Keywords: regional colleges and universities; physical education; basketball technique; differentiation

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Research on the application of image processing technology in college calligraphy education

Dec 2017 / by Yaping Yang

This paper improves the practical effect of calligraphy teaching by combining image processing technology and integrating it into practical teaching. Chinese intellectuals cherish deep feelings toward it and concentrate on the essence of the culture of “three religions” as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism carry forward the traditional culture, adhere to cultural self-confidence, calligraphy and culture indispensable. Colleges and universities are an important front for promoting traditional culture. Therefore, the construction of campus culture is particularly important, it is the cornerstone of the survival and development of colleges and universities. It is our bounden duty to educate calligrapher that the calligraphic culture is well-established in the university culture and inherits well, making it face to the present and to the world.
Keywords: Calligraphy, Chinese culture, image processing, calligraphy education

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Design of foreign language teaching ability evaluation model based on big data analysis

Dec 2017 / by Yihong Sun

The establishment of foreign language teaching ability assessment model is of great significance to the development of colleges and universities. At present, the CMM-based assessment model of foreign language teaching ability is used to evaluate the ability of teachers’ foreign language teaching through the establishment of the CDIO competency model. The evaluation results are in good agreement with the actual results and the assessment energy consumption is high. The article proposes the use of two sub-evaluation model to complete the entire foreign language teaching ability assessment model design. In the process of establishing a comprehensive evaluation model of teachers’ foreign language teaching ability except for student factors, the fuzzy boundary between evaluation index sets is defined by using rough set concept, and the redundant attributes in the primary evaluation system are screened. The rough set theoretical index system weights, in order to improve the experts ‘subjective assessment of the existing shortcomings; the use of comprehensive evaluation model between the various levels of the system to achieve an objective assessment of foreign language teaching ability; through the formation of students’ evaluation structure of foreign language teaching ability of teachers; analysis of key factors; build teaching ability of teachers and other aspects of foreign language teaching to achieve under the influence of student factors, foreign language teaching ability to establish a sub-evaluation model, thereby enhancing the evaluation model evaluation quality. Experiments show that the method proposed in this paper can improve the current assessment of teaching ability is poor, and assess the issue of high energy consumption, with reliability.
Keywords: Big data analysis; foreign language teaching ability; evaluation model

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Research on application of computer aided technology in advanced manufacturing technology

Dec 2017 / by Yu wen Xiong

In order to improve the intelligence of mechanical manufacturing, advanced manufacturing technology based on computer aided technology is put forward. The control model of machine design, manufacture and cutting process is constructed under the aid of computer vision, and the optimization design of mechanical manufacturing technology is carried out, and the optimal design of mechanical manufacturing control system is carried out under the control of single chip microcomputer. The advanced manufacturing control system based on computer is composed of two parts: upper computer and lower computer. The logic programmable PLC is used as the main control chip, and combined with the computer programming technology, the motor driver program of mechanical manufacturing is designed, complete the CAD/CAM system optimization design of advanced mechanical manufacturing.. The test results show that the computer aided advanced manufacturing system has good control performance and improves the manufacturing industry and automation level.
Keywords: Computer aided technology; machinery; advanced manufacturing; control system; programming technology

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Research on 3d landscape design simulation platform under the framework of virtual reality technology

Dec 2017 / by Zhihe Yu and Qingling Yang

In order to improve the lifelike and visual effect of 3D landscape design, a 3D landscape design method based on virtual reality technology framework is proposed. 3D Studio MAX and Multigen are adopted. Creator carries on the 3D geometric modeling of the landscape. The texture mapping technique is used to reconstruct the 3D landscape image, and according to the environment and geometric layout of the garden, the image tracking and rendering design of the landscape is carried out. The separation surface cutting method is used to control the multi-level detail in the process of 3D landscape design, and the hierarchical design of 3D virtual scene is realized, which combines image fusion and multi-level segmentation method. The simulation results show that using this method to design 3D landscape virtual reality, the effect of landscape design is better, and the ability of image detail expression is better. Three-dimensional tracking rendering has high performance and has good application value in landscape design.
Keywords: Virtual form technology; landscape architecture; landscape design; texture rendering

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Research on the application of computer–aided blended learning in business English class

Dec 2017 / by Guifang Wang

The computer system plays an important role in our daily lives, which can do all the functions at a speedy rate and also helps us to learn many useful things. With the development of educational informatization, the teaching of higher education is extended from the traditional classroom to the external world of the modern network classroom. This study focuses on the application of blended learning in the business English class and selects college business English majors as subjects to conduct teaching experiments, questionnaires and student interviews. Through the analysis of the experimental results, we try to find an effective teaching method in classroom situations, which can contribute to the improvement of business English teaching and improve the quality of teaching. Blended learning model can not only meet the needs of learners, but also plays a leading role with teaching effect. In this learning model, teachers can complete the functions of preparing lessons, assigning tasks, checking online jobs and sharing online information.
Keywords: Computer-aided, blended learning, online information, business english, network classroom

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Research on application of flipping classroom in training of advanced English listening abilities

Dec 2017 / by Houxiang Lu

English professional skill courses represented by English listening are no longer limited to the students’ language skills and professional knowledge. Instead, they should pay more attention to the improvement of students’ critical thinking abilities, practical abilities, and independent learning abilities. This paper studies the application of flipping classroom in training of advanced English listening abilities. Through the flipping classroom teaching mode, the listening curriculum has been changed from the traditional cramming method of teaching to the students’ autonomous learning before the class with the help of teacher’s well-prepared lectures and the active teacher-student interactions. Undergraduate students consolidate and improve the new teaching model.
Keywords: Flipping classroom; advanced English; listening training; English

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Opportunities and challenges of new media technology for college political teaching under the new normal

Dec 2017 / by Lihua Sun and and Yuan Liu

With the continuous development of network technology, new media technology has rapidly entered the campus, and has become a new carrier and main position of ideological and political education in Colleges and universities. First of all, this paper explains the new requirements of College Ideological Teaching in China under the new normal, and then summarizes the advantages of new media technology in teaching. The application of new media technology in ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities is investigated. The results show that most teachers and students agree with the introduction of new media technology in the teaching. At the end of the paper, the opportunity of teaching mode innovation and the challenge of the development of new media technology brought by new media technology to ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities are put forward.
Keywords: New normal; new media technology; ideological and political teaching

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Supply-side reform brings challenges and opportunities for China’s aged care services

Dec 2017 / by Na Zhao

At present, China’s economy has entered a new normal, coupled with the accelerated aging of the population, and the burden of social pension is heavy, and the development of the service industry for the aged is an inevitable choice for building a well-off society in an all-round way. China’s aged care service supply main body, supply and demand structure imbalance, lagging system reform and other issues restrict the development of the elderly care service industry. To promote the supply-side reform of the pension service industry, it is necessary to take the market as the guide, and cultivate diversified pension providers, and provide diversified pension services, and integrate various pension resources, and increase supply efficiency.
Keywords: Supply-side reform; aged care services; challenges and opportunities

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An analysis of the guidance of teaching evaluation system to mathematical teaching in colleges and universities

Dec 2017 / by Tanghai Li

With the deepening of the reform of higher education, people’s understanding of the evaluation of mathematics teaching in universities has changed gradually. It has changed from the summarized evaluation of single score assessment to the developmental teaching evaluation of promoting the comprehensive ability about students. Students pay equal attention to mathematical knowledge and skills, processes and methods, emotions and attitudes, etc. This system of teaching evaluation has a strong guiding effect on mathematics teaching in colleges and universities in China. Therefore, based on the brief introduction of the concept about teaching evaluation, the goals of mathematics teaching and the basis of evaluation, this paper focuses on the evaluation methods and evaluation system of mathematics teaching in China universities. And also based on this, the specific guiding role is put forward of teaching evaluation system to college mathematics teaching. So I hope this discussion can provide some reference value for the research and practical exploration of college mathematics teaching in China.
Keywords: Teaching evaluation, mathematics, guiding role

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