Research on interactive design based on computer platform in digital media

Jan 2018 / by Jie Yang and Hua Jin

With the development of society and the innovation of science and technology, information technology and hightech computer technology have been widely used in various industries. Today’s society is a digital era, and the continuous progress of information dissemination means has changed the media context. With the development of digital media, the context of digital media meets the needs of modern people. In the context of digital media, people pay more and more attention to the innovation of interactive virtual visual art. With the development of communication technology, the interactive design of computer platform has become an important content in the research of digital media. In this paper, the interactive design of computer platform is based on digital media. Through holographic projection and image fusion algorithm, the 3D display of images is carried out, which enhances the appeal of interactive design of computer platform. The study of this paper is of great value.
Keywords: Digital media; interactive design; image fusion; web page; virtual reality

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Research on the application of traditional art symbol elements in the design of new media advertising

Dec 2017 / by Zhangmin Huang and Jingyu Chen

Since entering 21th Century, China’s economy has shown a rapid development trend. In this process, people’s aesthetic consciousness is also changing. The form of products is also being constantly enriched, and the uniqueness of expression technology is increasing. Some successful designers often associate with the concept of beauty and visualize some unique characteristics of products through folklore visual arts symbols. This kind of cultural expression can leave a deep impression on people, and can also give people different aesthetic feelings. At the same time, it also gives the object a kind of exclusive connotation. This article discusses the advertisement design and the traditional art symbol. Aiming at the phenomenon of “homegrown culture lost” in China’s advertising industry, the authors introduce the concept of semiotics and cultural context based on the study of traditional cultural symbols, so as to integrate and manipulate native cultural resources, develop innovative thinking of modern advertisements, and enhance the value of advertising creation.
Keywords: Traditional art symbols, new media, advertising design

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Study on the improvement of English majors’ pragmatic competence in application-oriented colleges

Dec 2017 / by Jia Wang

In terms of school history, school size, school running strength, student quality and social influence, the applied undergraduate colleges cannot compare with the old universities. Therefore, we should conscientiously locate the talents training plan which is suitable for its own conditions and future development direction, and put the ability in the first place in the train of thought. In the course of English teaching, the most important purpose is to improve the intercultural communication ability of the learners. In communicative competence, pragmatic competence is essential. Especially for foreign language teaching, it is necessary to take measures to improve their pragmatic competence in order to improve their intercultural communicative competence. Based on this background, this study takes the students’classroom as the research object and uses the pragmatic knowledge to carry out the teaching practice. After the use of analysis and comparison and other research methods, it is concluded that it is feasible to improve the pragmatic competence of students and to propose a method of promotion. The author attempts to put forward the idea of “1+3” pragmatic ability training interaction model, with a view to bring enlightenment and help to the current college English teaching.
Keywords: Applied undergraduate colleges, English professional talents, pragmatic competence

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Research on talent recommendation system based on big data analysis and pattern recognition

Dec 2017 / by Xinyou Li, Wei Xiu, Zhiying Xu, Liqun Yang and Jiwei Pei

Based on big data analysis and pattern recognition technology, the proposed big data recommendation system for human resources in this paper is based on the actual needs to improve the related technologies. First of all, this paper has used the weighted similarity measure method to calculate the talent similarity in the talent big data recommendation system, which can solve the cold start problem caused by the over-reliance on the score matrix of big data analysis and pattern recognition technology. Secondly, the increase of users will aggravate the computational burden of recommending systems to find neighbors. In this paper, neighbors based on clustering neighbors search are adopted to solve this problem in big data recommendation system, which can reduce the computational burden of the recommendation system. Finally, through theoretical analysis and experimental verification in the talent data set, it can be seen that the improved user-based big data analysis and pattern recognition recommendation algorithm can effectively improve the recommendation accuracy of the recommendation system.
Keywords: Applied undergraduate colleges, English professional talents, pragmatic competence

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Embodiment of artistic elements in modern industrial design teaching from the perspective of humanity

Dec 2017 / by Yan Gu

Modern industrial design pays more and more attention to the humanized design, and requires the continuous integration of the humanized art design elements according to the consumers’ consumption needs. Therefore, the university modern industrial design profession also must pay attention to the humane art element education. This paper first defines the artistic elements of modern industrial design from the perspective of humanization, and then analyzes the requirements and presents conditions of artistic elements education in modern industrial design teaching from the perspective of humanity, and finally puts forward some artistic elements in modern industrial design from the perspective of humanization education advice.
Keywords: Humanity; modern industrial design; teaching; artistic element

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Evaluation of the level of agricultural ecological development in the Yangtze River economic belt

Dec 2017 / by Baogen Ding

As a traditional agricultural country, China has a long history of agricultural ecological development in the Yangtze River Basin. The Chengdu Plain, the Hanjiang Plain and the Dongting Lake Plain in the Yangtze Economic Belt are all important commodity grain bases in China. The concept of the Yangtze River Economic Belt was proposed in 2016, establishing a new pattern of development of “one axis, two wings, three levels and more” in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. This article combines the advantages of agricultural ecological construction in the Yangtze River Economic Belt with the development data in recent years and analyzes them. Pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of agricultural ecological development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and it is hoped that these advantages and disadvantages will promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the modernization of agriculture. The proposal of the concept of the economic belt in the Yangtze River plays an important role in driving the economic and agricultural development in the Yangtze River valley and in exploring the level of agricultural ecological development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt and in realizing the modernization of agriculture.
Keywords: Yangtze river economic belt, agricultural ecological, modern agriculture

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Study on optimized layout of construction site based on BP neural network

Dec 2017 / by Bing Gao

The excellent layout of the construction site can save the construction period, reduce the cost and facilitate the management of the construction site. However, the construction of the construction site is still relying on the expert experience to a certain extent. This paper starts with BP neural network, analyzes and optimizes the layout of construction site by using MATLAB software, and obtains good benefits in practical engineering application.
Keywords: BP neural network, MATLAB software, construction site, site layout

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Distributed data mining of Inner Mongolia tourism geographic information based on GIS

Dec 2017 / by Caifeng Liu

Tourism geographic information can reflect all kinds of objects in the earth’s space that human society depends on in the computer through the form of digital, and realize the sharing of geographic information data, and provide the tourism management department with the information needed for decision-making support. The current tourism information construction in Inner Mongolia is very weak, and most of the scenic spots do not have a GIS-based tourism information service platform. Aiming at the massive GIS information data and the data access problem brought by the tourism system in Inner Mongolia, this paper adopts Hadoop HDFS to access massive GIS tourism geographic information data, and uses Map Reduce design to mine its distributed data, to make the Inner Mongolia geographic information system more perfect.
Keywords: Inner Mongolia, tourism geographic information, distributed data mining

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Research on new method for detecting and controlling the harmonic current of active power filter

Dec 2017 / by Lei Cheng

For the current detection problem of active power filter, this paper proposes a new method of current detection and control for the active component of harmonic current. In this method, the active power filter receiving the sampled current signal is segmented according to the different fundamental amplitude, and the linear equations of the active power filter are constructed. The harmonic current active component method is used to estimate the solution of linear equations, and the relationship between the active power components and the harmonic currents of active power filter is used to construct the linear equation set of harmonic current detection. Thus, the harmonic current of the active power filter can be calculated and controlled. The detection effect of harmonic current is studied by MatLab/Simulink simulation, and the experimental circuit of active power filter is built, and the experimental verification is carried out. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed harmonic current detection method.
Keywords: Active power filter (APF), current detection, harmonic current, active component

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Construction of network experiment platform system based on function virtualization

Dec 2017 / by Lifang Tian and Xin Zheng

Network technology research requires rigorous experimental data as a support, which also requires that network-related experiments must be run in a near real network environment. In order to improve the efficiency of the network experiment platform, this paper uses the virtualization technology, which enables multiple experiments to share the underlying physical resources and runs in parallel on the same network experiment platform. In this paper, the network experimental platform has used virtualization technology as the research object, and the network experimental platform based on virtualization function is designed and implemented. The platform can run multiple isolated and parallel virtual subnets at the same time, and can deploy experiments at multiple levels from the network layer to the application layer, and can support automated experimental management, resource management and network status querying and analysis.
Keywords: Function virtualization; network experiment platform; system construction

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