About Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels

The Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels is a specialized monthly exclusively devoted to the study of all aspects – technical, engineering, commercial and administrative – of mining, geology metallurgy and fuel technology. Started in 1953 as “Indian Mining Journal”, the first of its kind in India, immediately established itself as a first rate magazine of excellence in technical journalism.
The Journal carries original contributions from mining engineers, fuel technologists, mineralogists or metallurgists, geologists, from scientists of mining educational and research institutions and executives of mineral industry in India and abroad. The articles cover mineral exploration, coal and metal mining, petroleum and natural gas, mineral beneficiation, coal preparation, mining equipment and research, smelting and refining, fuel technology, education and research, etc.
The Journal is now in its 68th Year in publication and has been recognized as a leading technical forum for the country’s fuel, mining and metallurgical industries. The special numbers of this Journal published so far have become landmarks in the field of technical journalism.

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